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Why Videography Is Important: Benefits For Your Business

Videography plays a significant role in brands and businesses expanding their reach to their target audience. Here's why videography is important and why you should take notice

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: video is king. And content is cash. More specifically, with videography, brands and businesses can harness their online presence to connect their audience with products. Here's why videography is vital for getting views and enticing customers.

Why Videography Is Important: The Basics

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Videography is essential for a brand and business. It allows for effective communication and a connection with their audience visually.

Here's Why Brands Need To Use YouTube Shorts

Since the rise of TikTok and the popularity of short-form videos, social media companies have tried to follow suit. You have other social media platforms following suit with Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

Similar to TikTok videos and Instagram Reels, these are a way for users to create and share short, engaging videos on the platform.

YouTube Shorts are short-form, vertical videos up to 15 seconds long and can be created using the YouTube app on a smartphone. They're easily discoverable through the YouTube Shorts carousel, a dedicated section on the YouTube app where users can browse and watch Shorts.

David Bloom, a senior contributor for Forbes, outlines just how much of an impact YouTube Shorts have had on the company. And the potential for brands.

"[YouTube] saw views of videos of less than 1 minute jump 135 percent between the second quarter of 2021 and Q2 of 2022... Videos of less than 1 minute comprised only 11% of YouTube traffic this quarter two years ago; as of July 1, those brief videos comprise 57% of YouTube views."

YouTube Shorts are making waves.

The only problem with that stat? Brands and businesses aren't the main ones capitalizing on YouTube Shorts. Around 95% of these bite-sized videos come from content creators rather than brands or companies.

Video content is invaluable today; brands and companies must start posting often. As a Fullerton video production company, we've seen our fair share of brands having all the tools but ignoring them.

What Types Of Video Should I Make?

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A brand or business can create many different types of videos to achieve its marketing goals. Some of the most common types include:

Product demonstration videos

These videos showcase the features and benefits of a product or service and demonstrate how it works. These types of videos increase conversions by providing potential customers with a better understanding of what a brand or business has to offer.

Brand story videos

These videos tell the story of a brand or business and help to establish a connection with the audience. They can increase brand awareness and establish trust and credibility.

Animated explainer videos

These videos use animation to explain complex concepts or processes in an easy-to-understand way.

Live videos

These videos, recorded in real-time, can provide a behind-the-scenes look at a brand or business. They can quickly increase engagement and build a connection with the audience.

Customer testimonial videos

These videos feature real customers talking about their positive experiences with a brand or business. They can establish trust and credibility and increase conversions by providing potential customers with social proof.

How-to videos

These videos provide instructional content on a specific topic or product. They can be used to increase engagement and establish trust and credibility. Plus, these videos are life savers if someone needs help with a DIY home project.

Remember that the video type should align with the brand or business goals and message! If you're a home improvement company, a how-to video for people looking for a quick fix is a great idea.

As always, consider the target audience when creating video content.

Are Videographers Worth It?

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Videographers are well worth it if they can capture the desired footage and create a high-quality video that meets the client's needs.

Hiring a professional videographer can also save time and effort compared to attempting to create a video on your own. However, the value of a videographer will depend on the specific project and budget, as well as the videographer's experience and skill level.

Ultimately, it's up to the client to determine whether or not the cost of a videographer is worth it for their project.

At Ricky Zollinger Media, we pride ourselves on our track record as an accomplished Orange County video production service. We've helped brands like Panda Express, Guayaki, and Johnny Bananas easily reach their clientele. Of course, we want businesses to thrive. But we want to make sure they're looking good doing it.