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content creation

Service Overview

Content Creation

More than just video.

What makes content different from your everyday video? It's purpose, quality, and of course - quality. From Youtube channels to introducing a new line of products, we make sure that your brand is showcasing it's best qualities in an entertaining and easily digestible format.

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Marketing material

service Overview

Marketing Material

meant to sell, online and offline.

What's the most important aspect of marketing to any business or agency? Making money. And that's why we create content with the purpose to do just that. From online to offline sales, we create content that'll have your audience looking to buy. See how your business or agency can team up with our team to make this a reality!

social strategy

service Overview

Social Strategy

Social media done right

Are you utilizing social media to work for you or are you just putting something up there for the sake of it? Consistency and strategy makes the dream work and we'll make sure you stand out from the rest. From content creation to identifying your best channels to targeting the right audience, it's all done for you from the experts at RZM.

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Our videos are crafted to catch attention, entertain, but most importantly - create sales.

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"I've worked with a lot of videographers, but Ricky knows how to really make me stand out"

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