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Create Reels That Close Deals: 3 Easy Ways To Engage

Using Instagram Reels is an art. Plus, they're invaluable for marketing your business. Learn 3 key ways to close deals using social media

Creating reels on Instagram is one of the best ways to advertise and connect with your customers. According to Demand Sage, Instagram Reels are more popular than your standard Instagram video. When you create reels, you're tapping into another social medium where you can get creative.

In other words, creating organic reels is crucial for creating a dialogue with your audience, and they can help you close deals. First, let's cover some ground regarding Instagram Reels.

Why Create Instagram Reels?

Woman creating Instagram Reel to close real estate deal

Putting out killer content is the backbone of any good marketing strategy.

Social media is a game-changer, and Instagram Reels is one of the best ways to connect. And with these short-form videos, adding them to your business's repertoire is the way to go. But why?

These short-form videos are easy to make and consume and allow potential customers to understand you and your message. You're putting your brand front and center when you create reels, especially on the Instagram explore page. It doesn't hurt that Instagram Reels have some pretty impressive editing tools to make creating content easier than ever.

Using Reels To Close Deals

While simply delivering your message can technically connect with customers, more is needed with posting reels. After all, you’re trying to close deals and make money through marketing

Here are three easy ways to make those Instagram Reels stand out.

Going Vertical

Shooting videos and reels horizontally may come naturally, but we're here to tell you not to do this. People are most likely viewing your content on their phones, so chances are that the default viewing experience will be vertical.

And it's not hard; simply keep your phone vertical when shooting with your phone. Even YouTube has vertical options with YouTube shorts.

Not only does shooting reels vertically help with good video framing, but the algorithm actually favors the 9:16 aspect ratio. If you're a determined business owner looking for an edge, this alone should bring a lot of life to your content.

Stop Trying To Be Original (Really)

This tip may seem counterintuitive. But hear us out.

Who doesn't want to think outside the box, creating one-of-a-kind content that will garner clicks? Well, there's nothing wrong with using an existing, successful format to base your reels on.

The critical part is making that formula your own. You're setting yourself up for inevitable disappointment when you create unrealistic expectations. Plus, perfectionists out there will likely spend way too much time on a single video, editing, tweaking, and changing it.

For example, when working with one of our favorite clients, Los Angeles real estate agent Taya DiCarlo, we didn't need to change the formula. Taya had a great premise: real estate hacks. With a friendly, casual demeanor, Taya laid out, in simple terms, how home buyers in Los Angeles can stay informed.

This reel wasn't groundbreaking in its format at face value. Instagram loved it, and we loved it, but it wasn't a game-changer. But by blending the casual tone, Los Angeles real estate hacks, and by going vertical, Taya quickly earned thousands of views.

Originality doesn't happen overnight. Find your inspiration, and make it your own. Using an existing template helps you learn your strengths and weaknesses. From there, you can experiment and make it shine.

Don't Blend In

Person holding phone watching Instagram Reels

While shooting, editing, and posting your own content is excellent, it can be a huge time sink. Trying to do everything yourself without any guidance or deep knowledge of the entire social media landscape will have you blending in.

But you have the potential to make some great content. If you want to stand out, you need assistance from someone who knows their way around social media, videos, and Instagram Reels.

Don't go it alone. At Ricky Zollinger Media (RZM), we can take that burden of planning, shooting, and posting videos and reels for you. You deliver your message; we take care of the heavy lifting. All you need is a little help unlocking your potential. Just check out some of our past work with memorable brands. Remember: you have a business to run. While spending time creating reels may seem fun, you can't ignore your customers. That's why we're here to help.

These three tips will ensure that your content will help you close deals and engage your audience.

Speaking of which, before we go, there's still something that's always crucial to success.

Bonus: Knowing Your Audience

It's normal to get hyped up about shooting reels and editing them to your liking. But are you considering your audience? If you're a real estate agent in Los Angeles looking for social media clicks, don't advertise to people who aren't going to use your service.

Instead, doing market research, taking advantage of networking, and nailing your brand tone and voice will help you find your lane. We promise, after doing so, you can create reels with a new sense of understanding and purpose.

Create Reels That Close Deals: The Final Word

Choosing the right decisions when crafting the best reel is easier than you think. Find out what works for your business, know your audience, and follow our tips for more social media mastery, and you'll see returns you never thought possible.