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Nailing Audience Engagement: Increase Clicks On Social Media

Engaging with your audience is key to good marketing, social strategy, and content creation. Learn more about getting more clicks on social media and how to connect with consumers

Do you have a collection of posts, videos, and curated content that's going absolutely nowhere? What you could be suffering from is a lack of good audience engagement. Good communication with an audience can change the game, connecting you with people and offering potential clients an experience that'll serve them.

Check out why proper audience engagement can transform only a few views on your latest Instagram reel. And, most important, make your brand one to remember.

What Is Audience Engagement?

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Audience engagement is, well, engaging your audience, capturing their attention, and having them listen to your pitches. But it's definitely easier said than done. What you'll need, first and foremost, is a command of your brand.

Before diving into social media strategies, you'll need to be able to communicate your brand's values. Plus, you need to communicate how they can help the target audience.

Here are a few great ways to engage your audience.

Tell A Story

People love a good story. Telling the story of a product or brand and how it connects with the intended audience is a great way to flesh out the content. More importantly, it connects your brand with your target demographic.

As a video production company in Los Angeles, we come across wonderful stories that humanize brands, making it easier for business owners to connect to customers.

Engage With Customers

It may seem like a no-brainer, but engaging with your audience, especially over social media, adds a personal touch to your branding.

Use your brand voice and tone to guide your methods of engagement. A positive interaction with a brand can leave a great impression on a potential customer.

Speaking of which, brand tone and voice are your avenues to effective communication.

Develop Your Brand Tone And Voice

Imagine for a minute that your brand was a living, breathing person.

What would they say? How would they say it? This simple exercise can help you create long-term strategies that will help you dominate your industry.

Your brand voice is what you say. It's your Instagram posts, marketing emails, and video content. On the other hand, your brand tone is how you say it.

Is your brand fun-loving, humorous, and casual? Or is your brand more no-nonsense, serious, and professional? It's well worth taking the time with your team to reflect on these concepts and use them to your advantage.

You'll get clicks, leads, and sales when you successfully market to your audience. What is the key to bridging the gap between ambitious ideas and closing deals? It’s all about knowing your audience.

Knowing Your Audience Makes All The Difference

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A crucial piece of the puzzle is knowing your audience. For example, do you think the marketing team at Arby's is looking to get clicks and sales from vegans?

No, they're targeting carnivores exclusively.

Maybe someday in the far future, Arby's will embrace the Beyond Meat crowd. But for now, they know their lane and stick to it.

Case Study: Real Estate Agent Taya DiCarlo

Think about your brand, product, and who it's geared toward. For example, Ricky Zollinger Media worked alongside Los Angeles realtor Taya DiCarlo, whose primary audience is real estate agents. We helped create a video that made fun of real estate agents at open houses. Her reel skyrocketed to nearly 80,000 views overnight.

Using real estate humor, comedic timing, and the peppy 'Genius Of Love' by Tom Tom Club, Taya's video was an instant hit.

Taya DiCarlo hit all the marks in audience engagement. She knew her audience, created a humorous premise, and executed it in a great way.

You can change the game entirely when you know your target and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Audience Engagement: Wrapping Things Up

If you put the time in, you can harness the power of your brand to do a ton of heavy lifting for you. But it's challenging to do it alone. With Ricky Zollinger Media, we make your brand pop. We'll plan a killer social media strategy and content creation and do everything we can to increase your bottom line. We offer videographer services in Los Angeles to brands of all shapes and sizes.

Social media is a competitive space, but with RZM, you don't need to worry. With nearly a decade of relevant experience helping brands thrive, Ricky Zollinger knows what makes audiences tick. We'll work alongside you to create a winning engagement strategy, encouraging business and feedback that will change metrics and the trajectory of your company.

Want more tips for understanding your audience, how to reach them, and create killer content that racks up views? Get in touch with us today for the next steps.

Keep your audience from falling by the wayside. Instead, captivate them. Compel them. And close deals with them. All it takes is a little creativity, research, and enthusiasm.

Let's make magic together.