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Video Branding: 3 Ways You're Messing Up Your Campaign

Good video branding content communicates your brand values to your target audience. But are you making the most of your video marketing campaign? See three mistakes that are hurting your bottom line

Videos are excellent ways to communicate with customers and fan bases. When you create stellar content, tell an exciting story. Give your audience a reason to check you out. However, not everyone is doing all they can to make video branding work for them instead of the other way around.

Use these reasons as motivation to do things right in your video branding.

What's Video Branding?

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Video branding isn't advertisements for your business. Instead, video branding is about communicating your brand's values and worth, creating an overall positive image.

For example, we shot some content for Los Angeles real estate agent Tony Accardo. In one video, he describes how people can get in or out of their houses in a shifting market.

He describes certain ways that someone can capitalize on an uncertain market. Likewise, another popular video with Tony involved his condemnation of Redfin and Zillow. He divulges how Zillow, in particular, is a glorified advertising platform.

These real estate videos don't advertise Tony's company but instead create an authoritative presence online that entices potential customers to trust him.

Video branding eschews blatant advertising gimmicks and fosters a positive relationship between consumer and brand.

Pros Of Video Branding

Posting videos that enhance your brand is one way to communicate your message to your possible clients. But what are the advantages of video content?

You Can Share Video Content

The beauty of social media is sharing a memorable video with friends and family easily. When you create videos with this in mind, you take an approach that ensures your brand story and values make it to audiences everywhere.

With a catchy call to action, great production values, and genuine, captivating content, you'll have a viral sensation.

You Can Keep It Real

People love when brands ditch sales pitches. Being genuine in videos goes a long way toward building goodwill with your audience. Sharing a powerful message, all while ditching the infomercial vibe, guarantees you a good shot at getting conversions and building brand awareness.

Refer back to our real estate videos on Instagram. These industry experts are casual and genuine, letting customers in on secrets and tips that will change how they do business.

You Can Tell Them A Story

As Fullerton videographers, we always believe in telling a story to attract customers. A brand without a story is a brand without a soul. All brands have stories to tell; it's all about finding yours.

We love narratives. So lean into storylines and narratives that your brand videos can benefit from!

Again, keeping things genuine when telling a story is the key to success.

Bonus: Videos Without Audio

We're not suggesting that you create videos without audio. Instead, consider that your audience may be unable to turn on sound. They could be riding public transit, visiting with a friend, or browsing goods in a store. Accessibility is everything.

Once again, you can enhance an already great video by leaning into visual storytelling and having attractive captions that are easy to follow.

It's time to avoid some pitfalls brands and businesses experience.

Here are some ways you're not making the most of your video content.

You're Not Posting Video Content

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We know many people who struggle with their marketing campaigns and video branding by not posting content.

Sometimes, people will have the video shot and edited and still won't post it. But why? It could be that they didn't like how they looked or could've delivered a line better. Either way, they aren't confident in their content. As an Orange County video production company, we've worked with plenty of brands who didn't post a video for tiny reasons.

We're here to tell you: post that video anyway!

You have the video shot already. All you need to do is post. Don't let insecurities or ideas of what you could have done better stop you from posting videos.

If you're struggling with this with your video content, we'll offer a solution for you: post it and take notes.

Don't like how you delivered a line? Make a note not to do it that way next time.

Are you not liking your outfit? Make a note of what to wear next time. It's time to get over it and post video content anyway.

By not posting, you're abandoning the power of your brand video.

Don't let this happen! If you need help, we'll even give you tips on writing a good video script to give you confidence when marketing your business.

You're Not Keeping A Social Media Posting Schedule

You've got the video content ready, but are you posting regularly? Being consistent is one of the pillars of any good social media strategy.

Your viewers need to see that not only are you posting great branded content, but you are reliably posting, too. Not only can they count on excellent video content, but they can count on you being a prominent Internet presence.

We've gone over how Instagram Reels can pull in massive views and how not to blend in with your competitors. Using that information and regularly posting quality content builds brand loyalty and recognition.

Sure, there are ideal times to post videos. But before you start honing your posting schedule, you should ensure you're posting in the first place. Once you have built a consistent schedule to post your brand videos, you can focus on when to post.

You're Not Engaging With Your Audience

Having good video content is one thing. The heavy lifting is done. But are you paying attention to your viewers? Are you reaching out to commenters and engaging with your audience?

Following up with comments or DMs is your ticket to building brand loyalty and gaining some leads.

It doesn't take a lot to reach out; just show your appreciation for likes or comments on your video and follow up with them. Use this as a chance to network, too!

Making Good Video Content With Ricky Zollinger Media

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Help us help you; got some ideas for excellent video branding? Clue us in, and we'll develop some great video content to help you market your business.

Industry insider secrets, what not to do when searching for services, and more will help drive clicks and views.

For more information about video branding and marketing tips, get in touch with us today and start getting results today.

Keep your content from falling by the wayside. Connect with customers, get brand recognition, and tell a great story to captivate audiences.