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3 Real Estate Prospecting Video Tricks

Real estate prospecting videos help connect real estate agents with clients in a stylish, personable way. Here are 3 real estate prospecting video tricks to help generate leads

If you're a real estate agent not utilizing social media and Instagram Reels, why are you actively throwing away leads and clients? Why are you leaving money on the table? Video is king, and investing even a little bit in video content can pay off big time in the long run with real estate prospecting.

While these real estate prospecting tips and tricks are solid starting points for your content-building strategy, these video tricks can help nearly any business thrive online. Let’s explore real estate prospecting and why video is the perfect medium for connecting agents with buyers and sellers.

Wait, What Is Real Estate Prospecting?

For the uninitiated, real estate prospecting is the act of finding new clients and leads. Real estate prospecting usually occurs through social media channels, networking events, and email marketing. In short, it’s how real estate agents get clients.

Here's a quick list of real estate prospecting tips to include in your videos.

Dish The Dirt: Use Your Insider Information

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This trick is one that will do a ton of heavy lifting for you and your brand. A great strategy is to divulge insider information. 

Dishing out industry secrets, tips, and tricks is always a great opportunity to pull in eyes (and business). 

People appreciate honesty, and with insider information, you get to be authentic with potential clients and give them a peek behind the curtain. We all love some industry secrets!

For example, one of our favorite Instagram Reels with our client Tony Accardo centers around why buyers and sellers must avoid Zillow and Redfin. This concept is excellent because it takes expectations and subverts them. When browsing properties and getting estimates, Zillow and Redfin are some of the first results on Google, so naturally, it’s what most of the public is used to seeing.

Now he's telling the audience to disregard well-established norms?

Here's why. In the Reel, Tony Accardo explains that, at first glance, sites like Zillow seem like quick ways to get an estimate on a property.

But in reality, zestimates can never truly be reliable sources of information compared to real estate agents. It's easy to slap on any real estate estimate when no agent's reputation is at stake. Plus, Zillow is an advertising platform that creates an algorithm to price homes to other homes in your zip code.

Work Together: Use Client Testimonials

What better way to build up your bona fides as a killer agent than to have client testimonials? Seeing and hearing from a satisfied real estate client means a lot to viewers, especially when anyone can log into sites like Zillow and essentially leave anonymous reviews. 

When marketing yourself and your real estate business, the last thing you need is shady reviews and anonymity. People can sniff out any funny business, and it can snag you a reputation. 

Instead, you need clients you went above and beyond for.

As such, having past and current clients talk about how the real estate process worked with you speaks volumes, especially when you add some great branding and video content.

Grab Their Attention: Use Your First 5 Seconds Wisely!

This universal tip goes for all businesses looking to attract eyeballs. The first five seconds of your videos should pack a punch. As a video production company in Fullerton, we see our fair share of people not taking advantage of the first seconds of their videos.

Real estate or not, being personable and addressing the viewer is key to retaining attention.

This is especially widespread with YouTube ads. Marketers need to start making video ads with that ‘Skip Ad’ button at the forefront of their minds. How will the video content pull in customers after they have the golden opportunity to skip ads on a whim? That’s why nailing down why hooking your customer in the first five seconds is now the new battleground of content creation.

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of psychology at work in just a few seconds. If a company pushes its brand logo too early, the ad can come off as pushy and artificial. 

But if a company opts to delay showing the brand logo, the customers’ recall is greatly diminished. In short, it’s a balancing act of finding what works and what doesn’t. But there are some ways that real estate agents can dominate those first impressions.

We love bringing her up because our client Taya DiCarlo has this down to a science. The first five seconds of her Instagram Reels and videos beg potential real estate clients to keep watching. With a casual, unpretentious, and relaxed tone, Taya shares a lot of personality and relevant information in those first five seconds. 

For example, make sure to throw in the word 'you' in the first five seconds of your video. Why? It turns out that using the word 'you' in the first five seconds increases the video's watch time by 97%.

People respond better to content that addresses them directly, so make sure you use you when you add videos and content to your social media pages. You won't regret it.

Get Real Estate Prospecting Help With Ricky Zollinger Media

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At RZM, we create and scale content for real estate agents in Los Angeles. This content will garner clicks, clients, and views. 

Whether you're a seller or buyer's agent, we'll tailor video content and ideas to your specific needs.

We'll connect you with your target audience to help you flourish and have you stand head and shoulders above the crowd of your peers.