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How Real Estate Agents Get Clients

Buying and selling a home is hard work. That's why sellers need a great real estate agent to help out. See how real estate agents get clients and make dreams come true

Listen, buying and selling a home are some of the most stressful, detailed processes people can go through. But, thanks to real estate agents, buyers and sellers don't need to bear the burden alone. How real estate agents get clients is crucial, and it's not cut and dry as simply advertising.

But it is possible. And with these methods, not only is it possible, it's probable.

And see how Ricky Zollinger Media can make a massive difference in how real estate agents get clients.

Creating Memorable Content

When buyers and sellers think of real estate agents, seeing creative content doesn't exactly come to mind first. But that doesn't need to be the case. Investing in great content creation focused on your target audience is crucial to building a connection and is how real estate agents get clients.

Think of ‘the top 5 red flags to look for in a real estate agent.' Or maybe memes about real estate agents in particular situations, like an open house. As a real estate agent, you already have all the knowledge and content in your brain. It's just a matter of brainstorming and executing it memorably.

But keep in mind it has to be unique. That means ditching stuffy, standard, boring videos and opting for something that's all you. Don't be afraid to experiment with different posting formats, ideas, and more.

But shooting cool videos isn't enough. Sometimes you need to tap into psychology. Hear us out.

Pattern interrupt is a psychological hack that viewers will immediately latch on to.

For example, real estate agents that start videos with unexpected sound effects interrupt the pattern of endless scrolling their explore page. Something as tiny as an unexpected zoom or camera shake can help potential clients stop and watch your videos.

Creating relevant real estate content goes hand-in-hand with a memorable social media presence.

The Importance Of Marketing Yourself

Real estate agent getting clients through great marketing

So, now you've got creative real estate agent content for buyers and sellers to check out. Are you marketing it correctly?

Listen, the most important part of marketing is making money, getting clients, and improving your bottom line. That's why successful marketing campaigns are so crucial to getting new clients.

While all these tips for how real estate agents get clients technically work on their own, the big picture is what seals deals.

Make sure your website is current, well-designed, and outlines all your services. Don't forget your contact information, with relevant phone numbers and email addresses.

Balance being a consummate professional with sharing your personality. It's a great way to generate leads and find prospects.

Be Authentic!

When people watch reels, they don't want to see artificial content. Ditch the robotic line reading, shoot straight with clients, and show them why you're their best option for buying and selling a home.

Being authentic is just the cherry on top of marketing yourself successfully.

Another way of being authentic is, once again, shooting straight. For example, in a recent video we did for Accardo Real Estate in Redondo Beach, California.

Being authentic with potential clients, Tony Accardo pulls back the curtain of real estate secrets. In the video, Tony tells viewers about how disreputable sites like Zillow and Redfin are.

Zillow uses your zip code to create an algorithm in an attempt to price your home to other recently sold homes in your area.

Above all, it's an advertising platform to introduce realtors and consumers. Zestimates don't take into account all the gritty details about homes and neighborhoods. With real estate agents, they know the ins and outs of an area. Plus, their professional reputation is on the line.

Not only that, but the founder of Zillow himself sold his Beverly Hills home for 40% below his own Zestimate.

Instagram Reels like Tony's illustrate a great way to market authentically to an audience.

While you're selling your brand to potential clients, no one likes an overly 'salesly' pitch. Be honest with them, show them your bona fides, and let your record as a successful real estate agent do some heavy lifting.

Communication Is Key

Being responsive online and in person makes a world of difference in how real estate agents get clients. If you don't check messages online, leaving clients looking to buy or sell in the dark, you're fumbling at the goal line.

Aside from answering messages from clients, negotiating is a massive part of good communication and your record as a real estate agent.

Can you negotiate deals? Tell potential clients about your successes and how they've helped past clients find their dream homes. A few anecdotes to illustrate this point are welcome.

Speaking of improving and maintaining your online presence, it's time to dig into social media.

Using Social Media To Promote Your Business

Real estate agent using social media strategy in Fullerton to get clients

Social media is a tool you can't afford to ignore. All the tools you need to build trust with your customers are right there for the taking. Not using it is cutting off a valuable form of communication. Don't make the same mistakes other real estate agents and businesses have made.

Don't shuffle off content to post for the sake of posting. Your audience can pick up on low-effort posting. Start posting unique content.

And, above all, remember to post in the first place!

Listen, we get it; you have a business to run. But posting consistent, captivating content can be the difference between real estate agents getting new clients and missing golden opportunities.

That means captivating Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts, and TikTok. Need help finding your particular lane, brand voice, and tone?

Ricky Zollinger Media has you covered. Check it out.

How Real Estate Agents Get Clients With Ricky Zollinger Media

At Ricky Zollinger Media, we aim to help our clients reach their audience in a flashy, captivating way. We want our clients' audiences to connect with the individual, their skills, communication, and expertise.

We've helped tons of brands connect with their clientele. And based on our work with Los Angeles real estate agents, it's no surprise that we can easily bridge that gap.

For more information on creating stunning content that'll get clicks, check out our portfolio and get in contact with Ricky!