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How To Write A Script For A Video: Try These 3 Steps

Writing a video script isn't easy. But our video scriptwriting template makes it a lot less intimidating. Learn how to write a script for a video that'll bring in views and clicks

Getting your brand noticed isn't easy. After building your audience, how do you engage with them? Through video scripts. We know the idea of writing a script for videos is daunting. However, after creating over 1,000 pieces of content this year, we've nailed down a formula that has helped our clients. It's tough but by no means impossible. Here's how to write a script for a video that will guarantee you pull in views, clicks, and customers.

Try these three steps of scriptwriting that you'll want to include in all your content.

The Hook

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Your video script begins with a good hook. Getting your viewers' attention is everything, so spending time crafting a great hook is a valuable use of your time.

Your first one to three seconds sets the stage for viewers. If you've worked with a YouTube ads specialist, you know that the first few seconds can mean the world.

Here are some quick hook ideas for your videos:

Insert An Interesting Fact

Who doesn't love an unexpected interesting fact? Whether it's a brain-busting statistic or insider knowledge about the real estate industry, interesting facts generate interest.

Do Something Unexpected To Grab Their Attention

If you check out our Instagram, you'll see that we lean into developing a hook in creative ways. For example, in one Instagram Reel, we emphasized how a psychological hack, pattern interruption, helps you draw in viewers by breaking endless scrolling.

Not only is this an interesting phenomenon, but it helped us garner a ton of views. People are curious, and a break in the monotony of their Instagram Discover page is likely a welcome disruption. Overall, this unique hook gave us an excellent opportunity to show viewers that we can help them create captivating content for their videos.

Ask The Viewer A Question

Are you having trouble writing the perfect video script? Don't know who to turn to to help you craft the perfect marketing content for your brand? These are questions to start asking at the beginning of your video.

The question can be specific or as general as you feel your script warrants. The important thing is to keep the viewer hooked until you can deliver your message in full. While struggling video script writers may have been having issues, perhaps your video on advertising on YouTube gave them some useful ideas.

Don't Waste Your Viewers' Time

Listen, we all want to enthusiastically advertise our brands, explaining all the virtues it brings to target audiences.

However, people usually aren't too interested in a lecture, especially if they need help with an issue. Get to the point. Respect your viewers' time.

In fact, we'll practice what we preach and get onto the next point.

Pull Them In With A Story

woman using a video script to create content for brands

Who doesn't love a good story?

Storytelling is what makes brands stand out in a crowd of competitors. When helping clients communicate with audiences, we've had great success with storytelling. Ads don’t have to be dull and robotic; creative ads with some substance will set you apart from the rest.

One of our favorite clients, Los Angeles real estate agent Taya DiCarlo, uses storytelling, humor, and a down-to-earth tone to relate to viewers. Plus, who doesn't want to know some secrets from the world of real estate?

The hook also serves as your foot in the door, communicating how you and your business can offer the viewer. What good are a stunning first three seconds if there's no possible payoff for the viewer? Just don't muddle your message with a long, drawn-out narrative.

After you put the finishing touches on the hook in your video script, it's time to establish your credibility.

Establish Credibility

Let's face it: there are some brands you trust to provide great products or services. And some just don't cut it.

But why? Why do you trust some brands over others? What are those brands doing right?

Will we ever stop asking questions?

In short, people come to trust certain brands for a few reasons.

While there are undoubtedly more, these three stand apart from others. Brands like Apple didn't shake up the industry (and the world) by ditching these qualities.

Can customers depend on you and your brand to deliver solutions? In your video script, communicate why clients and consumers can rely on you and your services.

Likewise, quality goods and services make all the difference. People know that, with brands like Apple, they can depend on quality phones, computers, and other tech. Through the decades, Apple cultivated goodwill and trust with its target demographic. 

And transparency is a big one. Being transparent with customers shows a vulnerability people don’t usually experience with brands. It really does make a difference. A study by Sprout Social showed that “...86% of Americans say transparency from businesses is more important than ever before.” 

So when you’re crafting your next video script for an Instagram Reel or Youtube ad, try a little transparency to show that you’re genuine. Your customers will definitely appreciate it!

While these aren't by any means the only three qualities to embrace while writing a video script, they're massive parts of what makes up your brand identity.

And, in your video scripts, displaying a little bit of all three is a great idea.

After establishing credibility in your video script, it's time for the call to action.

The Call To Action

two actresses reading from a video script to create content

Using a call to action is a must when writing a video script. If you're not calling your potential customers to take a specific action, what's it all for?

You can find calls to action everywhere, from YouTube ads to food company commercials. They entice the viewer to act, to follow through on a specific action. It could be to check out a website, follow a social media account, or act on some holiday deals.

Calls to action are easy, effective, and the final part of our video script writing template.

Learning How To Write A Script For A Video With Ricky Zollinger Media

Scriptwriting doesn't need to be complicated. Use this template for your videos and start getting views in no time. Once you nail the formula, follow the steps, and have a catchy call to action, who could say no?

Any questions about videos and marketing your products for your target demographic? Hit us up for exciting social media strategies, content creation, and more.

Hint: that was a call to action! And so is this:

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