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How To Market A New Food Product: Ways To Sell Successfully

Learning how to market a new food product is exciting and also a bit intimidating. But don't fear. It's entirely possible. Check out these surefire ways to market a new food product with us!

Listen, taking an ambitious idea for a new food product from conception to launch is easier said than done. You have the idea, maybe some ways to make it truly unique, but some of the small details aren't coming together. But it's not impossible. And it certainly doesn't have to be boring. Check out these ways to market a new food product and start turning heads.

What Is Food Marketing?

You can broadly define food marketing as the business-customer relationship regarding particular food products. It includes building brand awareness, working with grocery stores, and market testing.

For example, fast food chains advertising on Twitter is a reliable way to gauge enthusiasm for products. And fast food chains like McDonald's, need to push the boundaries these days. While they're household names, they still need to innovate like anyone else.

IHOP And Food Marketing On Twitter

Remember a few years ago when IHOP made a pivot to 'IHOB,' advertising its inclusion of burgers on its menu? Regardless of your personal opinion on the decision, it was a marketing decision that created a lot of buzz.

On its Twitter, IHOP stated: "For 60 pancakin’ years, we’ve been IHOP. Now, we’re flippin’ our name to IHOb. Find out what it could b on 6.11.18. #IHOb"

A common reaction, of course, was Twitter users throwing out guesses as to what 'B' could stand for. Whenever someone guessed (sometimes guessing correctly, other times missing the mark), IHOP teased a future date to create buzz.

IHOP eventually revealed they were introducing burgers to the menu. Then a month later, they reverted back to IHOP with this tweet:

"We really abbreciate the burgerin’ loyalty, but we’re back @IHOP again."

Overall, food marketing is highly competitive. Entering the ring unprepared can result in a quick K.O. for you and your business if you aren't adequately prepared.

So be prepared!

Check out these surefire ways to use food marketing to your advantage.

Connecting With The Customer

It always comes back to the customer. When you nail customer engagement and know your target demo, you've already done most of the work.

What does your packaging look like? How about your overall designs?

Part of knowing how to connect with the customer is through in-depth market research. Numbers and stats are powerful things, and having some raw data can help your food product thrive in the industry.

Pay Attention To The Packaging

couple in grocery store looking at new food product

Proctor And Gamble performed a study on food packaging nearly 30 years ago. In the study, customers moving down an aisle spent 1/6th of a second looking at food packaging before deciding to stop and look.

Plus, when someone picks up a food package, regardless of familiarity, there's nearly a 75% chance that the customer will put it in their shopping cart.

The packaging of your food product conveys everything. When a customer is browsing through an aisle in the grocery store and locks onto your product, you don't want something drab and dull that'll just blend in.

You need to balance the aesthetic appeal with packaging that conveys an appetizing quality. Even if you and your company understand what your food product is attempting to convey, you can't assume customers will inherently understand.

Use Social Media

You'd be surprised how many companies don't take advantage of social media to do everything they can to market a food product to consumers.

This is your secret weapon, and leaving it on the goal line is a colossal waste. You could be gaining valuable insight and views on Instagram Reels and generally getting a feel for what customers respond favorably towards. Sure, there might be some trolls mixed in with genuine reactions. But don't let any potential negative feedback (authentic or otherwise) deter you.

Developing a cohesive social media strategy helps everyone learn how to market a food product to followers. Use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media channels to connect with and market to your customer. Most importantly, post things that people want to read, see, and engage with. For example, if you're a fitness company in Irvine, California, try talking about tips and tricks to curb sweet cravings. Offer something interesting and engaging.

The bag is right there; don't fumble it by ignoring your social media channels!

Create Amazing Content

woman using iphone to create content to market a new food product

A pillar of good food marketing is creating great content.

You need to think outside of the box to see how to market a food product successfully. As a video production company in Fullerton, California, we see a ton of great food brands that just need that extra push.

We work with innovators in the business and ambitious start-ups all the time, and marketing a new food product can be a ton of fun but also a lot of work.

With videos, specifically Instagram Reels and TikToks, brands like Super Coffee, Vacadillos, and even Panda Express made a vast difference in their bottom lines.

People love great content, plain and simple. However, knowing you need great content vs. actually creating great content for your food product is easier said than done. With Ricky Zollinger Media, we make it easy, fun, and, most importantly, memorable.

Learn How To Market A New Food Product With Ricky Zollinger Media

At Ricky Zollinger Media, we know exactly how to market a food product. Over the past few years, we've forged strong bonds with companies like Guayakí, Panda Express, Vacadillos, and Stryve.

In short, we work with exciting brands bringing some of the most innovative food products to market. 

Check out our work, and start getting the word out about your food product today!