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YouTube Ads Specialist: Achieve More Reach

YouTube ads pull in a ton of traffic to help you increase your bottom line and connect customers with your product or service. Learn more about how YouTube specialists capitalize on the platform

Bringing awareness to your business is how you're going to increase your bottom line. Plain and simple. We all wish we could get into customers' heads, seeing exactly what they want and need and how to help our businesses thrive. While we all can't be mind-readers, you can work alongside someone who does their best to reach customers: a YouTube ads specialist.

Let's learn why they're essential to your digital marketing and social strategy.

What Is A YouTube Ads Specialist?

A YouTube ads specialist is an advertising and marketing expert. They use the platform for studying customer trends, advertising content and launching marketing strategies to reach customers. They’re essential to your marketing campaigns. YouTube ads specialists can be part of a dedicated marketing team, advertising agency, or maybe freelance experts.

Either way, they're instrumental parts of the YouTube experience.

Their bread and butter are different types of advertisements on YouTube. But what are the main types of YouTube ads that every company should display?

Different Types Of YouTube Ads

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A YouTube ads specialist will be intimately familiar with the different types of ads to work with. As video production specialists in Fullerton, California, we've seen and worked with different advertisements.

Skippable Ads

Also known as TrueView in-streams ads, a skippable YouTube ad allows viewers to bail out of the advertisement after 5 seconds.

While we wish they could stick around, they ultimately have the final say.

The sky's the limit with TrueView skippable ads, giving you a ton of time to deliver your message, up to 6 minutes. YouTube ad experts, through Google Ads, can track metrics, see who's sticking around, and what about their ads worked well. They can see click-through rates, subscriptions, and more.

Advertisers will pay if a viewer sticks around for 30 seconds, until the end or if they click on your call to action (CTA). However, just because there's a longer time limit doesn't mean you should wax poetic about your product or business for 6 minutes.

Give viewers a reason to watch; communicate to them why your product is worth their time. A great way to entice customers is through success stories and case studies.

For example, we've extensively worked with Los Angeles real estate agents reaching their customers. Some notable real estate agents, like Taya DiCarlo, and Tony Accardo, love to post their success stories and real estate buying and selling tips. Adding a casual tone, funny anecdotes, and excellent video production, viewers can't help but be pulled in.

Bumper Ads

These are quick yet crucial opportunities to reach your customer and show an ad that resonates with them.

Anyone can shoot 6 seconds. But can you create something that resonates? It's a classic example of 'easy to learn, hard to master.'

These 6-second long ads need to pack a lot of punch to ensure that the message resonates with the customer. Bumper ads are short, but the viewer doesn't have the chance to skip the ad. They can play before, during, or after a video.

The entire 6 seconds is yours to dominate. So dominate it! It's about keeping it simple and direct. Instead of spreading yourself and your message too thin, double down on what works.

Don't overthink it; keep it simple!

Check out what we did with Johnny Bananas merch. Although it was longer than 6 seconds, we could establish a ton of video flair in a short time. Take any 6-second snippet of the video, and you'll know the entire look and feel of Johnny Bananas merch.

Without one line of dialogue, we communicated the vibe, style, and energy Johnny Bananas merch brought to consumers. Bring that same energy to YouTube bumper ads.

Get More YouTube Views With Ricky Zollinger Media

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With video production professionals in Fullerton at Ricky Zollinger Media, we can get any message out to your customer with a sense of style. Don't settle for run-of-the-mill, unmemorable ads that a bunch of white-collar execs think will perform well.

We work alongside YouTube ads specialists all the time. And we help companies shoot ads, promos, and long-form videos that add spice to campaigns.

You're putting your ad campaign first using our video production company in Los Angeles. In short, we'll ensure that your created content reaches all your target customers. Plus, we'll add a little style to ensure they stick around.

Whether bumper ads, skippable TrueView ads, or something else, setting yourself up for success is easier than you think!