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Tips To Launch Creative Ads: Why YouTube Ads Best Practices Matter

Following YouTube Ads' best practices is the framework to craft the perfect company ad. See how to make the perfect YouTube ad with Ricky Zollinger Media!

Video is a powerful medium; believe us, we know. Check out one of our favorite slices of video from our portfolio, exhibiting Johnny Bananas merch. Video ads are no different. That's why exploring YouTube Ads' best practices is crucial to ensure you make all the right choices. These decisions matter; little by little, they will help your brand stand out.

Let's dive into some of the most important YouTube advertising essentials and how they'll help reel in your audience in no time. Let's check it out from the people at YouTube ads for an inside view.

Why You Need To Brand Early And Often

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Branding is everything. On the surface, branding is your logo, typeface, and overall aesthetic design. Of course, we all want slick logos that leave a favorable impression in the hearts and minds of our viewers and target audience.

But the branding process packs a lot of punch. And marketing creative brands is an art form. Brand awareness doesn't just appear overnight.

You have the logo, the colors, and the slogan, but it's time to put it all into motion with good advertising.

We've extensively worked with brands over the years to help them connect with their target audience through great branding.

Whether marketing a brand new food product or shooting Instagram Reels for real estate agents in Los Angeles, we helped businesses thrive.

For us, it's all about taking a product and showing it to the world in a captivating, engaging way. With some great video content, plus YouTube ads, it's a foregone conclusion that you'll turn heads.

The Power Of Good Video Content

That's why YouTube emphasizes branding yourself early and often. Especially with 'bumper ads,' which are seconds-long ads that appear before a video.

But wait, how can you successfully advertise in just a few seconds? Don't worry; by showing up early and doubling down on your branding, viewers can latch onto ad content. And with videographers in Los Angeles, and a YouTube Ads specialist or two, you can see returns in no time.

First, all you need is killer video content with some audio that helps reinforce your messaging.

If you've done it right, your audience will be engaged and can't help but search for your product or service.

Getting Customers' Attention With YouTube Ads

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Overall, we want customers to pay attention to your product and follow through with conversions. Conversions are when a user or viewer interacts with your YouTube video ad. Our work with multiple creative brands has shown us just how important catching someone’s attention is. As a Fullerton video production company, we see it every day.

One of the best ways to build brand awareness is by catching a user's attention with your ad. Again, this is an art form and more challenging than you might think.

It often involves your ad telling a story. Engaging storytelling can help your campaign rack up views in no time. Your ad can tug on viewers' heartstrings, inspire them, and even make them laugh. Whichever direction you choose, a robust ad campaign will draw in eyeballs and, hopefully, massive conversions.

We have plenty of experience with creative camera angles, captivating audio, and telling a story through ads. In short, getting a viewer to connect with your ad content is to get their attention.

Connect With The Audience: Storytelling And Video Ads

There are a ton of great examples of solid storytelling. One ad audiences resonated with was a Travelers insurance ad. In it, a young girl works at her father's hardware store.

She grows older and eventually takes over the store. In less than a minute, Travelers insurance hooked viewers and wanted them to see where the video ad led.

Many companies blunder and awkwardly place a call to action (CTA) right at the front of their video ad. Instead, the insurance company took a gamble and made viewers wait for the payoff. And it worked. We're talking about it right now, aren't we?

If you can nail this emotional ad format, you've got a great shot of getting conversions and brand awareness. You can easily create video ads with Instagram Reels, too. No need for a corporate advertising budget in the millions.

We've shot countless Instagram Reels that connected with customers. Especially ones that helped clients connect with their target demos.

Speaking of calls to action and what not to do, leading your customer in a particular direction with your video ad is vital.

Point Them In The Right Direction: YouTube Ad CTAs

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What is it that you want customers to do? What's your end goal with your video ad? Brainstorm what these goals are and execute them.

Want them to visit your website? Tell them! Be clear, concise, and organic.

We hate when businesses try to drive traffic by taking an awkward 'salesy' tactic. Bad CTAs can reek of desperation and, more importantly, poor video advertising and planning.

CTAs don't need to be in the video ad itself. You can add some audio that helps guide the viewer toward the next steps.

Adding a voice-over can work with ads with no natural dialogue and can be a great artistic choice.

Technically speaking, Google states that an overlay will appear after 15 seconds of your YouTube video ad, calling your audience to action. These calls to action can range from 'learn more,' 'click here,' or 'buy now.'

Now that you know the ad framework in which to work, it's time to kick things up a notch. Ready to turn up the heat? Look no further; Ricky Zollinger Media is here to boost your advertising game.

Using YouTube Ads Best Practices With Ricky Zollinger Media

At Ricky Zollinger Media (RZM), we know how to make brands stand out.

As Fullerton videographers delving into L.A. real estate, we need to be on top of our game to ensure you're on top of yours.

It doesn't matter if it's video production services in Fullerton or working on the next great Panda Express ad campaign. These advertising guidelines guide us in creating some of the best brand content.

Increase leads; increase clicks. Customer conversions are there for the taking, waiting for you to act.

So act! Don't let your brand identity go to waste. After all, you spent hours designing the perfect logo and slogan. Get in contact with us today for guaranteed killer ad content.