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Real Estate Video Ideas: Seal The Deal In Style

Good real estate video ideas are out there waiting for you to use them. So use them! Come with us to learn more about successfully implementing real estate video ideas to connect with your audience

Good news: if you're a real estate agent needing great real estate video ideas, you're in luck.

Real estate is ripe for great video content, and marketing yourself to potential clients is a great way to grow your bottom line. Not to mention allowing clients to match up with their dream homes. What's not to love?

But what are some good real estate video ideas to entice people? Let's look.

Great Real Estate Video Ideas

orange county videographer showing woman real estate video ideas to film

There are many different real estate video topic ideas that you can explore to showcase properties and engage potential buyers. Here are a few examples:

Property Walkthroughs

Create a video that takes viewers on a property tour, highlighting its key features and amenities.

Neighborhood Highlights

Showcase the best aspects of the neighborhood where a property is, like nearby parks, schools, shopping, and dining options.

Before And After Renovation

Show the changes and improvements made to a property and how it transformed the place from before to after

Lifestyle Video

Create a video that illustrates what it would be like to live in a specific property or neighborhood, highlighting local activities and community events.

Time-lapse Construction Video

People love the before and after of a home. Whether it's a room overhaul from an interior designer or an entire construction of a property, time-lapse construction videos are popular. Film the entire construction process of a new development and edit it into a time-lapse video that shows the whole process in a shorter time.

Virtual Staging

Use video editing and animation to showcase how a property can look with furniture, even if the property is currently empty.

Virtual Open House

Create a virtual open house that includes a full property walkthrough and a Q&A session with the agent or developer.

Aerial Footage

Have you got access to a drone? Capture aerial footage of the property and the surrounding area to give viewers a sense of the property's location and surroundings. You could make the video exciting and enticing with some well-shot footage.

These are just a few examples, but the possibilities are endless. You can get creative and develop unique ideas that showcase a property in the best possible light and appeal to potential buyers.

Tips To Make Real Estate Videos Ideas Into Great Videos

orange county video production company shooting good real estate video ideas

Once you have the ideas cooking in your mind, there are a few aspects to consider inserting into your videos.

Here are some tips for improving real estate marketing videos.

Consider Your Budget

Before jumping right into formulating the perfect real estate prospecting video to show off, consider your budget.

Budget can be an important consideration when shooting a real estate prospecting video, as it can affect the quality of the final product.

A larger budget can allow for professional equipment, experienced crew members, and high-end post-production techniques. The possible result? A polished and visually appealing video. A bigger budget allows you some much-needed breathing room to create quality videos.

However, having a large budget to create a compelling real estate prospecting video is optional.

Creating a high-quality video with a limited budget is possible by being strategic about the equipment and crew used. And by keeping the video's focus on the properties and their key selling points.

Just make sure that you're shooting your video vertically, not horizontally. Horizontal videos are out in 2023 (and beyond).

As an Orange County video production service, we've encountered many clients who have run afoul of predatory video companies. They charged them thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Get in contact with us for more realistic quotes, and ensure that the film industry isn't charging you $100,000 for a few craft service tables alone.

Timing Is Everything

Timing can be an essential factor when creating and releasing real estate videos. Here are a few ways that timing can affect real estate videos:

In short, consider the seasonal, market, property availability, and competition factors that may impact the video's success.

Include Testimonials From Clients

woman standing shooting a real estate testimonial for orange county real estate agent

A testimonial from a client is a powerful thing. The positive words from someone you helped find their dream home will always carry a ton of weight.

Real estate client testimonials can improve a video in several ways:

In short, client testimonials allow potential clients to see success stories directly from the hard work you've put in. Be proud of your accomplishments! Don't be afraid to show them off.

Studying What Works

What's popular online right now? What are some of the most successful real estate agents doing to improve their online reach? Studying some of the industry leaders is a fantastic resource. Guess what studying what works gets you? It'll likely get you something that works.

Studying good real estate videos can help you improve your own content in a few different ways:

Overall, studying good real estate videos can give you a better understanding of the various elements that come together to make a successful and persuasive video. The result can help you create more compelling content for your own real estate prospecting efforts.

Videographers Can Help You Shoot Real Estate Videos

orange county videographer shooting real estate prospecting video

A talented videographer can help you shoot real estate videos.

A professional videographer will have the necessary equipment, knowledge, and experience to create high-quality video content that showcases properties in the best possible light. In short, it's a no-brainer if you want to create something that connects with your target audience.

The Right Video Equipment

A professional videographer will likely have various cameras and lenses to capture different angles and perspectives of a property. They'll also know how to use lighting equipment to illuminate a property and make it look its best.

They will have experience in filming and editing videos. That goes a long way. They will be able to tell a story and ensure that your video is compelling, visually appealing, and easy to understand.

Video Shoot Tips

Depending on the needs of your real estate video, the videographer can help you choose between different types of shots. Try static, panning, tilting, tracking shots, and drones for an aerial view of the property and surroundings.

Experience Matters

When hiring a videographer, you should look for someone with experience shooting real estate videos and ask to see their portfolio of past work. It's also important to communicate your goals for the video and the type of properties you'll be filming. This helps to make sure that the videographer has the right expertise for your project.

Remember that hiring a professional videographer can be costly, but the final product will be higher quality.

Then it can be more effective in showcasing properties and engaging potential buyers. You'll have a better chance of bringing a greater return on investment in the long run.

The Final Word On Using Good Real Estate Video Ideas

It doesn't matter which you choose: Instagram Reels or a longer form YouTube video as your medium. Using all the above tips for a good real estate video idea can make the difference between making a splash or not.

The real estate industry is competitive, so you must be prudent, creative, and shrewd in your marketing and social media strategies. With Ricky Zollinger Media, you can achieve all that and more. As Orange County videographers, we help real estate clients shoot some of the most popular real estate prospecting videos online.

For more information on our process, how we'll help you succeed, and examples of our work, get in touch with us today!