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Marketing Mishaps: Avoid These 5 Video Mistakes

Video mistakes can plague and ruin branding videos. See some video mistakes brands make and learn how to avoid them with Ricky Zollinger Media

Connecting with your target audience is exhilarating. When you find that secret something that just works, it's a great feeling. But there's a lot in the way of success. Namely, common video mistakes that businesses, both large and small, commit.

That's right; massive businesses aren't immune to marketing mistakes. They should know better, but that's an article for another time. In short, when businesses grow their brand online, they need to be able to evolve and roll with the punches.

Here are some common video mistakes and how to avoid them.

Not Using A Video Script

video script used in viral marketing videos

While some may think they can wing brand messaging or advertising, not having a script is a terrible idea.

Whether you're writing a script for a YouTube video, or a TV ad, a script is crucial for success.

A video script is a must. Not having one is one of the worst video mistakes you can make. It helps to guide the production of a video by providing a clear and structured plan for the final product's content, pacing, and visual elements.

Here's why video scripts are non-negotiable.

Overall, a well-written video script is essential for creating a high-quality video that effectively communicates the intended message and keeps the audience engaged.

Having A Lack Of Creativity

Lack of creativity is the death knell for any company or digital marketing campaign. Using the same old, tired video formula your company has been using for the past decade probably isn't going to cut it.

If your audience expects every move, transition, frame, or message, then your company needs a creative overhaul.

Why Being Uncreative Is Lethal

A lack of creativity in video marketing can be a problem for several reasons.

Creativity Tips For Videos

And, while a tip like 'be creative' doesn't help a whole lot, we can point to some ways to foster some creative thinking. Here are some ways to make your videos stand out.

Ignoring Customers And Clients

video production company in orange county meeting with client

What we mean by ignoring customers and clients is that companies have a treasure trove of past customers and clients who have benefited from their services.

These are video mistakes that are easy to avoid. Use that asset!

Using customer stories in marketing videos can be a powerful way to connect with potential customers and build trust in your product or service. For example, if you're a certified personal trainer in Irvine, California, you can show off your credentials through your customers' fitness paths.

Customer testimonials can provide social proof and demonstrate your product or service's value to real people. They can also help to differentiate your brand from competitors and provide a personal touch that can resonate with viewers.

It's a good idea to include customer stories in your marketing videos, but be sure to get their permission and make sure the stories are relevant and believable.

Messing Up Video Editing

Video editing is essential to the video production process because it allows you to shape and refine the final product.

It allows you to tell a story, convey a message, and create an emotional response in the viewer. As such, video mistakes around video editing are serious.

Cutting corners in the editing process can lead to several problems. For example, if you don't correctly cut footage, the video may feel disjointed and confusing to the viewer. If you ignore composition, the video may not be visually pleasing or effectively communicate its message. If you don't properly export the video, it may not look good when viewed on different platforms.

Cutting corners in the editing process can lead to a lower-quality final product, plain and simple. This will negatively impact the production company's reputation, the effectiveness of the message, or the viewer's emotional response.

In short, cutting corners can lead to a lower-quality final product that fails to achieve these goals.

Video Editing Mistakes

Here are some common video editing mistakes brands and companies make.

Not Using A Professional Video Production Company

video production company in orange county helping brand avoid video mistakes

Not using a professional video production company can be a huge video mistake.

They have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to produce high-quality videos communicating the intended message. This doesn't mean that every company needs to hire a huge film crew.

We're saying do your research! Find a company or individual with video marketing chops to make a difference. If you opt for cutting corners, you will see that in your final product.

Professional video production companies also can handle all aspects of video production, from pre-production planning to post-production editing. They can also handle any necessary permits and insurance.

Additionally, they can provide insight and expertise in lighting, sound, and camera work to ensure the final product is visually appealing and professional.

Overall, a professional video production company can ensure that the video will effectively convey the intended message and positively impact the intended audience.

Avoid Video Mistakes With Ricky Zollinger Media

Want to steer clear of these video mistakes? With Ricky Zollinger Media, you can easily dodge these video mistakes. As a Fullerton video production company in Orange County, RZM has extensive experience working with massive brands like Panda Express.

But we love to help small brands, too. In short, assisting companies to improve their bottom line, all while making killer, exciting videos that compel customers to take action, is what we're all about.