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Turn Content Into Cash: Digital Content Strategies To Increase Leads

As a Fullerton video production company, we see brands squandering opportunities to make money off content. But what are brands doing wrong? Follow these three digital content strategies to increase your bottom line

Making great content online is crucial to growing your brand. While it's all well and good to do it for the love of the game, creating good content online is about increasing your bottom line. As such, you need digital content strategies to help you turn your content into cash. Content is king, so why aren't you capitalizing on it?

Here are three key ways to take your content to the next level and connect with your audience.

And don't worry; these content strategies are much easier than you think.

Digital Content Strategy #1: Create Content

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It may seem simple, but it's the cornerstone of your online image and persona. Time and time again, we see digital content creators drop the ball more often than not. Who wants to visit a social media page only to see the last post is from August 2021? It communicates with the audience that connecting isn't a big priority for a business. And, as you'll soon see, connecting with an audience makes a world of difference.

We recommend making something that people won't expect.

When they're scrolling through their For You page, mix things up with some pattern interruption. We've gone over the usefulness of this minor psychological hack.

Start your video with something unexpected, like a camera zoom or shake. In those first three crucial seconds, something minor can change everything.

All you need to do is film something completely different. Sure, it could be unique content. In fact, it's better if that's the case. But it's simpler than that.

You have the video replete with interesting information, unexpected formats, and content that people genuinely want to see. All you need to do now is post. When posting content, be sure it explains, in some way or another, what your services are and how they can help.

With real estate agents we work with, we encourage them to include a little bit about themselves. Or include industry tricks that illustrate their expertise. Followed by a killer call-to-action, who could stay away?

Digital Content Strategy #2: Post Your Content!

You have a great video filled with pattern interruption, funny stories, insider secrets, and more. It's nothing without posting it.

One of the most important digital content strategies is the art of posting online. Are you keeping your social media posts consistent? If you update your page once in a blue moon, you're, once again, kneecapping yourself and your brand.

Each social media platform has a specific time frame to post for optimal views and engagement. For example, for posting on Instagram, try Monday at 7 P.M.

Or try Sunday from 4 to 9 P.M. While people are trying to distract themselves from the 'Sunday Scaries,' they can hook onto your unique online content.

You should aim for times when people are likely to check their Instagram.

Maybe it goes without saying, but people probably are not checking their social media at 4 A.M. Post your content when your audience is awake and aware!

But also remember that time zones play an important role in digital content strategies like posting often. For example, since we're a video production company in Orange County, our primary audience is in the Pacific Standard Time zone. If you're in Orange County, but your audience is in Boston, tailor posting times accordingly to cater to the East Coast.

Digital Content Strategy #3: Follow Up With Your Audience

Without your target audience, you're out of luck. Are you keeping in touch with your audience? If you aren't, why are you letting income and goodwill slip through your fingers so easily?

A great way to increase your bottom line and build a positive relationship with your audience is by engaging and following up with them.

For example, if you make an Instagram Reel, follow up with everyone (yes, everyone) who liked or commented on it. It shows you're dedicated to serving and connecting with potential customers on social media. It also adds a human element to your brand, which goes a long way.

Tips For Connecting With Your Audience

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And don't think this digital content strategy is simply saying, 'thanks for watching.' Instead, use this opportunity to connect to capitalize on marketing yourself. For example, lean into what you do instead of a canned, impersonal response.

Here's what not to do:

"Hey, thanks for watching!"

Here's what to do:

"Hey, so-and-so, thanks for liking my video. I really appreciate your support! Please let me know if you know anyone I can help with my services."

The second example is more genuine and opens up an avenue to acquire leads. Content can do a lot of heavy lifting, but you'll need a special touch to seal the deal.

And remember, if possible, use their name! As Dale Carnegie said, "A person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language."

They may not provide their real name online, but this is an excellent rule to follow on and offline when creating and distributing content. Stay consistent with this strategy. And if you're good at what you do, you'll see returns from your target audience, guaranteed.

Digital Content Strategies With Ricky Zollinger Media

Stop letting your content fall by the wayside. And don't let these golden opportunities slip through your fingers.

With Fullerton video production company Ricky Zollinger, you have a great resource to improve your content and get paid for it. With clients like Panda Express, Johnny Bananas, and Guayaki, we know about turning a profit with great content.

Don't sit around accumulating content with no profit. Get in touch with us today to set yourself apart from your competitors. Plus, it's always great to add your own flair to pull in your target audience.